Super Belt Slide Ambidextrous Holster


This holster is formed from Cordura nylon with belt loops on both sides. Carry and conceal small to very large handguns comfortably. Flattens profile for optimum concealment. Medium high-ride design positions gun for smooth draw. Extra thin laminate for minimum thickness. Holster conforms to body contour for comfort and concealment. Molded thumb break and non-stretch retention strap. Three-slot design on all models allows for crossdraw, dual-position or strong-side positioning and carry. Converts from right to left carry just by reversing Velcro attached thumb-break and retention strap. Both thumb-break and retention strap are protected by strap traps to prevent loss of straps detached from Velcro and to prevent chafing by Velcro material.


  • Flattened profile for optimum concealment
  • Extra-thin laminate conforms to body contours
  • Medium-high-ride design positions your firearm for a smooth draw
  • Three-slot design on all models for crossdraw, dual-position or strong-side carry
  • Thumb break and retention strap protected by Strap Traps™
  • Adjustment tool included

Sizes Available:
Size 0 - 2" - 3" Barrel small/medium double action revolvers except 2" 5-shot models (UM-8600-0)
Size 1 - 3" - 4" Barrel medium autos (UM-8601-0)
Size 2 - 4" Barrel medium and intermediate double action revolvers (UM-8602-0)
Size 5 - 4-1/2" - 5" Barrel large autors (UM-8605-0)
Size 12 - Glock 26, 27, 33 and other sub-compact 9mm/.40 cal autos (UM-8612-0)
Size 15 - 3-3/4" - 4-1/2" Barrel large autos (UM-8615-0)
Size 16 - 3-1/4 - 3-3/4" Barrel medium & large autos (UM-8616-0)
Size 19 - Colt Gov't large autos; Browning Hi-Power (UM-8619-0)
Size 30 - HK USP 9mm, .40, .45, USP Compact (UM-8630-0)
Size 36 - 2" Barrel small frame 5-shot revolvers with hammer spur (UM-8636-0)

  • Model: UM-86
  • Manufactured by: Uncle Mike's

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